Fulfilling Hoag's Promise to Orange County

An Update from Hoag Leadership

We are grateful for the community’s support in helping Hoag regain its independence from Providence. As a result of these continued efforts, there is positive news to share.

Dr. Hurwitz, Chief of Staff 2019-2020, discusses the need for independence so physicians can make the best decisions for their patients.

“Hoag needs to regain its independence to best serve the people of Orange County and to keep the promise the Founders made to the community seven decades ago”.

Beryl Smith
Association of Presbyterian Members of Hoag

Melinda Hoag Smith
George Hoag Family Foundation

Restoring Hoag's Independence and Our Promise to Orange County

After careful consideration, Hoag’s Founders, Hoag’s leadership, the physician leadership, and the Board of Directors have determined that the best path forward for our community’s health is to take all steps necessary to restore Hoag’s independence. The only way to continue making good on our promise to Orange County is to return local control of healthcare decisions back to Hoag.

Hoag wants to ensure the flexibility to be:

Independence Allows Us to Meet Community Needs

Hoag has a legacy of meeting the needs of this community over the past 70 years. Now, we must ensure we continue that work as Orange County grows and the health care needs of its residents continue to evolve.

In 2012, Hoag affiliated with locally based St. Joseph Health. The goal was to transform healthcare to better meet the needs of Orange County. Hoag had high hopes that, together, we could improve the coordination and delivery of care for the entire community.

Unfortunately, our plans never happened. In 2015, St. Joseph was swallowed up by Seattle-based Providence Health. Today, the affiliation’s original focus on Orange County has been lost and Hoag finds our mission at risk within a large national hospital system that threatens Hoag’s unique character and role in this community.

Continuing Collaboration For The Community

Hoag’s bid for independence still allows Hoag to continue to collaborate with Providence St. Joseph Health around important initiatives, including orthopedics (through the Hoag Orthopedic Institute) and mental health (through Be Well OC). Those initiatives were negotiated outside of the control relationship and have proven extremely successful. 

Further, Hoag desires to collaborate in additional areas where our interests are in common and it makes sense for the community. Hoag has made repeated offers to identify new areas of collaboration outside of the control relationship.

“We are going to continue to work with [Providence] and encourage them to think about a collaborative model that could work" ... “We’re hoping that through some productive dialogue that we can achieve that kind of a mindset and commitment as we go forward.”

Our Commitment to the Community

Hoag is a community nonprofit hospital that has served the community of Orange County since 1952. It has developed deep ties to the community and a reputation of excellence that has earned it the designation of “highest ranked hospital in Orange County” in each of the last three years.

Hoag has always been local in its focus. The Founders formed Hoag under the principles of the Presbyterian faith, which include openness, inclusion, and acceptance of all faiths as well as those without it, and established Hoag’s mission to provide “the highest quality healthcare services for the communities [Hoag] serves.” The fundamental Mission has not changed since Hoag’s founding.

The idea for the Hospital originated back in 1944 when a Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Raymond Brahams, and several church members, together with one physician, formed a corporation called the Community Presbyterian Hospital of Laguna Beach. They changed the name of the hospital to the Presbyterian Hospital of Orange County after securing a site on the bluffs in Newport Beach. In 1950, the Hoag Family Foundation donated additional funds needed to begin construction, and the hospital opened in just two years and became what is known today as Hoag.

Service to those in need has always been an important component of Hoag’s Mission. Hoag’s Community Benefit program has given approximately $261 million to more than 100 programs and services that are changing lives every single day. These programs support everything from food distribution events, to mental health services and transportation for seniors.

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