Pandemic Response

The worst public health crisis in more than a century has brought out the best in Hoag. Hoag successfully treated the state’s first patient infected with the virus. As Orange County’s trusted health care network, Hoag was specifically chosen by the Orange County Health Care Agency because we had the skilled team in place — backed by a long history of successfully treating many serious infectious diseases — to provide the quickest and most comprehensive care. Providence’s head of infectious diseases, Dr. Philip Robinson, is a Hoag physician.

Learn more about Hoag’s efforts in protecting the community during the pandemic at The efforts include:

The crisis also has shown how important it is for Hoag to be independent of Providence Health, so we may focus all of our resources locally. While we recognize that the timing of the filing is complicated by the pandemic, Hoag’s leadership felt it essential to proceed with this process, because clarity around Hoag’s future is necessary to addressing head-on the challenges that lie ahead. Hoag first exhausted extensive efforts to reach a voluntary agreement with Providence before the Founders filed a petition for involuntary dissolution.

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