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After careful consideration, Hoag’s Founders, Hoag’s leadership, the physician leadership, and the Board of Directors determined that the best path forward is to take all steps necessary to restore Hoag’s independence and its local control of healthcare decisions in Orange County and to be free of the current constraints on care arising out of the affiliation with Providence. 

In 2012, Hoag entered an affiliation with locally based St. Joseph Health. The idea was to use the combined scale in Orange County to completely transform the way medical care is delivered. Hoag had high hopes that together, we could improve the coordination and delivery of care for all members of the community through this affiliation.

Unfortunately, the plans we had never materialized. In 2015, St. Joseph was swallowed up by Seattle-based Providence Health. Today, the affiliation’s original focus on Orange County has been abandoned and Hoag finds itself with its mission at risk within a large national hospital system that threatens Hoag’s unique character and role in this community.

Hoag spent nearly a year attempting to negotiate with Providence to regain our independence. Despite our desire to find a solution that worked for everyone, Hoag’s efforts saw no progress. With no other options remaining, on May 1, 2020, Hoag’s Founders took legal action to regain Hoag’s independence. Hoag is a beloved community asset. Our board and leadership are simply stewards of that asset. It is our job to protect the quality, reputation and resources of Hoag for the community, and we believe these actions are essential to doing so.

The COVID-19 pandemic also underscored our need for independence. We are deeply grateful to Hoag’s physicians and staff for their work over the last few months while they have been on the front lines of caring for the community. Our community has counted on them during this time and we need to make sure we can fulfill our promise to Orange County.

The decision was made by Hoag’s Board of Directors, in close collaboration with Hoag’s executive leadership team, the Medical Executive Committee and Hoag’s Founders, the George Hoag Family Foundation and the Association of Presbyterian Members of Hoag.

Hoag Hospital Foundation is not now, nor has it ever been, part of the affiliation with Providence. In fact, Hoag Hospital Foundation was intentionally held out of the affiliation at the time it was established. What’s given to Hoag stays at Hoag. Similarly, what’s directed to a specific Hoag institute, center or program goes there and doesn’t get allocated anywhere else at Hoag.

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