Restoring independence to fulfill Hoag's promise to Orange County

Hoag’s reputation, mission and the future of Orange County’s healthcare have been swallowed up by the Seattle-based Providence Health

Hoag’s Board and its Founders are moving to take back local control to focus 100% of our efforts and resources here in Orange County.

Over the last XX months, we have attempted to negotiate with Providence Health but have made no progress. After careful consideration, Hoag’s Board and Founders have determined that legal action is the only way to restore Hoag’s independence and regain the ability to focus 100% of our energy, efforts and resources on Orange County.

Our community’s health and well-being are at stake.

The national focus of Providence Health— Hoag’s parent system since 2016 and one of the very largest in the country—has led to local Hoag resources being diverted to other counties and even other states. Hoag finds itself at risk of losing its identity and its mission as Orange County’s most trusted healthcare network—a reputation we’ve worked very hard to earn for almost 70 years. 

Hoag is a much beloved community asset. The Board, Founders and leadership are simply stewards of that asset. It is our job to protect the quality, reputation and resources of Hoag so that we can meet the needs of people here in our community today and for years to come. In short, decisions made by executives at Seattle-based Providence Health are determining the future or healthcare in Orange County.

Independence won’t negatively impact your care—it allows us to improve it.

Restoring Hoag’s independence will free us to enhance and grow that care to meet your needs well into the future.

Our financial standing remains strong and this separation will allow us to keep even more resources local, to invest solely in the health and well-being of our community, instead of devoting any resources to meet financial obligations to an enormous outside organization.

Our patients expect and deserve only the best from Hoag, and by pursuing our separation from Providence Health, we are working to ensure they get it.

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