How We Got Here

Taking Back Control for Our Community

In 2012, Hoag partnered with St. Joseph Health to together transform healthcare in Orange County. But before that could happen, St. Joseph was swallowed up by Seattle-based Providence Health. Those plans for Orange County have been abandoned. 

Now, Hoag finds both its unique character and its mission to serve this community at risk.

Our talks with Providence have failed.

Hoag spent nearly a year attempting to negotiate with Providence to regain our independence. Despite our desire to find a solution that worked for everyone, Hoag’s efforts saw no progress. With no other options remaining, on May 1, 2020, Hoag’s founders took legal action to regain Hoag’s independence.

Nothing changes for our patients at this time.

It is important for our patients to know that they can continue receiving care from Hoag as they always have. This legal process will take some time. If there is a change, we will give patients and the community plenty of advance notice.

Stay Informed

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