The Need for Hoag’s Independence

A Letter from Our Board of Directors

The Need for Hoag's Independence

A Letter From Our Board of Directors

It takes compassion and commitment to build a relationship that endures the test of time—the kind of relationship that has existed between Hoag and the people of Orange County for nearly 70 years. We boldly deliver world-class health care to the communities we proudly serve.

To safeguard that commitment, we are entering into a legal process that we had hoped to avoid. After nearly a year of attempting to negotiate with Providence to realign our affiliation, we voted unanimously to regain our independence from this large national hospital chain and to restore Hoag’s mission to serve Orange County.

Hoag entered into an affiliation not with Providence, but with St. Joseph Health, in 2012. The idea at the time had been to fundamentally improve the delivery of care in Orange County. Unfortunately, when Providence acquired St. Joseph in 2015, that vision for population health never materialized. We now find ourselves affiliated with an out-of-state entity, battling decisions we don’t believe in and fighting to keep Hoag’s mission focused here at home.

Separation from Providence will allow us to keep our resources and decision-making local and enable us to expand our clinical services to serve our values. Our excellent physicians and medical staff understand this better than anyone, and we are deeply grateful to them for their support in this lawsuit. 

Our value is here, with our neighbors—not with a Seattle-based corporation focused on the operations of 51 hospitals across six states. Fulfillment of our mission is why Hoag is consistently ranked among the top hospitals in the nation for cardiovascular care, neurosciences, women’s health, cancer care and more.

It takes compassion and commitment to build a relationship that endures the test of time. We take our commitment seriously and will continue to fight for the personalized care you and your family trust and deserve

We thank you, our community, for supporting us in the past and hope that you will support us in the days ahead.

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