An Update from Hoag Leadership

We are grateful for the community’s support in helping Hoag regain its independence from Providence. As a result of these continued efforts, there is positive news to share.

Hoag welcomes a decision by the Court to overrule Providence’s objections to the complaint seeking to dissolve the affiliation. The Court’s decision paves the way for Hoag to regain independence from Providence, which is aligned with the desires of our physicians and the community.

Hoag’s Founders have requested an expedited trial of the dispute. The motion to expedite the trial, which is set to be heard on May 3, details the need to resolve the issues as soon as possible and is supported by the declaration of noted healthcare economist and University of Southern California Price School of Public Policy Professor, Glenn Melnick, Ph.D.

Dr. Melnick declares that early resolution of the case in Hoag’s favor is essential to protecting the short and long term health of Orange County residents, pointing to the “ongoing and seemingly accelerating deterioration of the relationship between Providence and Hoag.”  He details the actions of Providence since the dispute arose and the negative impact those actions have had on Hoag and its patients.  As Dr. Melnick declares, the need is made “all the more acute” because of the unprecedented demands caused by COVID-19, a sentiment echoed by Hoag’s frontline staff.

Hoag and its stakeholders remain steadfast in their efforts to regain independence from Providence so Hoag can fulfill its promise of providing the highest standard of quality care to the communities Hoag serves. 

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