Orange County Hospital Seeks Divorce From Large Catholic Health System

In early 2013, Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Orange County, California, joined with St. Joseph Health, a local Catholic hospital chain, amid enthusiastic promises that their affiliation would broaden access to care and improve the health of residents across the community. Eight years later, Hoag says this vision of achieving “population health” is dead, and […]

Providence Health denies claim that it’s punishing a respected California hospital

Providence Health, the giant Catholic healthcare chain fighting an effort by a leading California hospital to end their partnership, is quietly trying to marshal support for its position that it’s better for the two entities to remain together. (More…) How Can You Support Hoag? Get the latest news and updates on Hoag’s efforts to regain […]

California hospital alleges retaliation after seeking to end affiliation with Providence

After filing a lawsuit in May to end its affiliation with Renton, Wash.-based Providence, Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif., is alleging it is now the target of retaliation, according to the Los Angeles Times.   Hoag Memorial said that Providence removed Hoag Memorial’s three facilities from its website of Southern California locations and terminated Hoag […]

Healthgrades’ 50 top hospitals for 2021

Healthgrades released its 2021 America’s Best Hospitals lists Feb. 9. Three lists feature America’s 50, 100 and 250 best hospitals, which represent the top 1 percent, 2 percent and 5 percent of hospitals in the nation, respectively. Healthgrades used 2017-19 Medicare data to evaluate the performance of nearly 4,500 U.S. hospitals in the treatment of 32 conditions […]