Physician Support

Hoag’s physicians are united in their support for independence, which is in the best interests of Hoag’s patients and the Orange County community. 

Dr. Hurwitz, Chief of Staff 2019-2020, discusses the need for independence so physicians can make the best decisions for their patients.

Our physician leadership, like the Hoag Board and its founders, felt strongly that action needed to be taken. On March 5th, 2020, Hoag’s Medical Executive Committee, the body legally mandated by regulatory and accrediting agencies to assure the quality and safety of patient care and to represent the physicians of Hoag, resolved that “independence is in the best interests of Hoag and its patients, and is becoming increasingly necessary… to genuinely fulfill our Mission in the community.” Physician leadership believe the current Providence relationship hinders and frustrates Hoag physicians, and clinical care will be improved for Hoag patients by separation from Providence.

How Can You Support Hoag?

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