We are grateful for all the community support we’ve received. Thank you for trusting Hoag with your care and for joining us in our efforts to regain independence so we can fulfill our mission to serve Orange County.

"As a physician, I find the culture of excellence at Hoag to be second to none. As a patient, and as father, son and husband to Hoag patients, I have experienced nothing but excellent care! It is my opinion that Hoag should remain an independent hospital system in Orange County."

"Hoag's independence from Providence is a key factor in my relationships with my personal and my family's doctors, so we can keep the quality and personalized healthcare we expect from each of them."

"As a person of faith living in Newport Beach I still believe that a woman has a right to make her own choices in healthcare. Please return Hoag to an independent hospital offering the best in all aspects of essential, complete healthcare for women and our community."

"Hoag has been an exceptional hospital both in medical care as well as providing a friendly and comfortable environment. Both have suffered since their connection with Providence."

"Hoag has been part of my plan to Age in Place. I have had serious misgivings that my Health Care Directive would not be followed since I learned of the affiliation with Providence. Independence for Hoag is essential."

"I have been a Hoag network user for many years. I have had surgeries from wonderful surgeons, been treated by competent GP's, and appreciated the advanced mammography services they offer. Their ability to give the best, most up to date services is being hampered by their affiliation with Providence."

"As a physician, the ability to provide the full services of care for all our communities, is important. The inability to access full reproductive health is concerning."