We are grateful for all the community support we’ve received. Thank you for trusting Hoag with your care and for joining us in our efforts to regain independence so we can fulfill our mission to serve Orange County.

"As a long-time (50 year) resident of Newport Beach, I feel so fortunate to have a hospital of Hoag's quality in my community. But it is essential that they be able to become independent and unencumbered by external pressures that would compete with or constrain their best medical decisions and practices."

"As a longtime resident of orange county and supporter of Hoag, I whole heartedly agree with the position of independence for Hoag. Hoag is the only Healthcare system in Orange County that provides superior quality of care, cutting edge treatments, generic based cancer treatments, robotics. AI technology and the best patient care. Without the Board of Directors, Leaders, Physicians and Employees, it would just become another low quality and low caliber healthcare system under Providence. There is no reason to continue the affiliation that was set up for the purpose of population health care. It simply never happened. It's time to move forward."