Fulfilling Hoag's Promise to Orange County

Restoring Hoag's Independence and Our Promise to Orange County

After careful consideration, Hoag’s leadership, the Medical Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors have determined that the best path forward for our community’s health is to take all steps necessary to restore Hoag’s independence. The only way to be free of the constraints on care imposed on us by our affiliation with Providence, and to continue making good on our promise to Orange County, is to return local control of healthcare decisions to this community.  

Realigning With Our Commitment to the Community

In 2012, Hoag affiliated with locally based St. Joseph Health. The idea was to use the combined scale in Orange County to completely transform the way medical care is delivered. Hoag had high hopes that, together, we could improve the coordination and delivery of care for the entire community through this affiliation.

Unfortunately, our plans never materialized. In 2015, St. Joseph was swallowed up by Seattle-based Providence Health. Today, the affiliation’s original focus on Orange County has been diluted and Hoag finds our mission at risk within a large national hospital system that threatens Hoag’s unique character and role in this community.

Independence Allows Us to Increase Care and Services for Our Community

Restoring Hoag’s independence will free us to enhance and grow that care to meet your needs well into the future.

Our financial standing remains strong and this separation will allow us to keep even more resources local, to invest solely in the health and well-being of our community, instead of devoting any resources to meet financial obligations to an enormous outside organization.

Our patients expect and deserve only the best from Hoag, and by pursuing our separation from Providence Health, we are working to ensure they get it.

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