Vision for Independence

Hoag Memorial Hospital’s history is grounded in the Presbyterian faith, and those roots make us who we are.  Today we recognize and acknowledge that Hoag’s community and its stakeholders have a wide variety of perspectives on matters of faith. We believe that, as a community hospital, it is essential to honor this diversity. 

Consistent with that view, we believe Hoag must be able to meet the needs of the whole community and that it is essential to give respect to those differences in faith as they affect care. 

In that regard, we believe in the need to elevate the primacy of shared decision making between the patient and the physician.  Under that vision of the future, our physicians should have the freedom to decide a course of care based on best medical practice and what is right and comfortable for each patient, and to do so without imposition of any formal constraints on care not otherwise required by law.

Our Mission has always been local in its focus, and our vision of the future is one that allows Hoag to deliver the “highest quality healthcare” to our community without interference from corporate decision-making outside of it.  Hoag has evolved into a technologically advanced organization that prioritizes patient-centered care, innovation, and research, but we best maintain those attributes by keeping our focus and resources local and remembering the core values which have sustained us through all these years:  excellence, respect, patient centeredness, integrity, humility, service to the community and access for all.  

Our community, and everyone in it, needs to know that we have a trustworthy and dependable Hospital that will be ready to care for each of us in our time of need, irrespective of means, and to do so with compassion, expertise and innovation.

We believe independence helps us best achieve that objective. 

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